Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Happy mum, happy children

This past week or so has been pretty tough both physically and mentally. My back pain has been so bad and my fibro has been playing up.
 I went for my first therepy session on Friday and she thinks thast I would benefit from EMDR therepy. It looks like I'm suffering from PTSD from a couple of traumas throughout the last 10 years. Its a big step for me because I don't like talking, especially to a stranger...I find therapists quite condescending sometimes and I'm not good with that. I'm now beginning to realise more and more the importance of talking to people when I'm not coping well because at the end of the day I have 4 tiny people depending on their mum and I'm not able to devote myself 100% to them if I don't take care of myself.  A Healthy,happy mum =healthy happy children.

Today was the dreaded food shop. We had the two smallest sleep thieves with us. The baby (whom has taken on the nickname moo since birth) absolutely loves the trolley and tries to take every item out that you put in.  He has gotten into the habit of trying to reach peoples handbags and attempting to pull them out. He's also started to growl at people and things...is this normal? I mean it's bloody hilarious but I can't help but wonder where we got him from. He is definitely going to be hard work as he grows up. I can see the demon in his feral little face.

It wass Kasper's first taster session at pre school this morning.  He's still very much the baby (although definitely the boss) in our house. He has had the same childminder for 3 Years so its a massive change for him.  Dad went with him but he was very upset when he left the house. He was only there half an hour before begging to come home.  He has his second 1hr session in the morning but this time we leave him there without us.  My anxiety is through the roof because I hate the idea of him being there sobbing.
Its so hard to believe he starts school in September. I'm not ready and I'm not sure he is either.

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