Thursday, 11 April 2019

Bad day

Today has been the worst day.  Our cat Ted was hit by a car and killed so we have to find a way to tell the kids.  We have had the worst luck with cats over the years.  They've either been hit by a car or run off when we've moved house. We now just have the one cat and we've made the decision not to have anymore animals as it's just too upsetting that this keeps happening.
We've also realised tonight that Easter Sunday isn't this Sunday after all and is infact a week later.  We took the kids to pick their Easter eggs this week and they are so excited about having them at the weekend... Cannot wait to have that conversation too.. Not. I feel like such a bad parent. 😩😩

I've had a bit of wobble this week.  The realisation that there are just so many things I'm unable to do because of my back problem.  Hobbies that I used to love doing like seeing live music and going to festivals etc are somewhat impossible these days because of the level of pain that it will cause.  I hate it and I do feel angry that this is my life. I know a lot of people are worse off than I am but for me this feels like a big deal.
My anxiety has been hard to keep under control too.  I think I need a change of scenery.  By the sea is my happy calm place and I can't wait to go in the summer.  I'm. Visiting friends in Manchester in a couple of weeks and hoping that the break will help to get me back on track.

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