Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Lock down

I found out yesterday that at pre school Kasper had practiced the "lock down" drill. This basically consisted of a drum that the teacher would hit and then the children are rushed into another room where they would be very quiet and pretend to be asleep.
I wasn't sure how to feel when I was told this. On one hand it's great that the pre school are doing everything they can to keep the kids safe in every circumstance.  On the other hand it breaks my heart to think that this is now a "thing"  that is practiced and that events like terror attacks have become such a regular occurrence.

When we have children we think that we can protect them from everything. It's our job as parents to stop them from coming to any harm.  As a mum that suffers from extreme anxiety it's very hard to trust anyone with any of the kids. Now that 3 of them are at school age, I have to hand them over for 6 hours a day and trust that they will be looked after and kept safe.
I'm starting to realise that we cannot protect them from everything all of the time.  If God forbid something terrible happens where they need to use this "lock down" method then I will be eternally grateful if it helps to keep my babies safe.

It would be amazing to shelter our children from all the evil that happens in the world but unfortunately it's the world they are growing up in. 

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