Wednesday, 7 August 2019


We have had a sad day today. The kids Grandad Ken passed away peacefully in his sleep after a long battle with Cancer.  We have had a few discussions about what we would do when the time came and we decided that sitting them down and explaining in the best way possible whats happened was probably the right way to go.
  Oscar took it better than expected but will be keeping an eye on him because he's pretty sensitive and is like me in many ways and will bottle things up until he eventually can't anymore.
Scarlett was very upset. Lots of tears this morning like we expected from her. She spent the morning drawing some lovely pictures of her memories with him that she is going to pass on to her Nanny Pam.
   I don't think Kasper has really understood or grasped what has happened. He's still young and has not yet turned 4 so we tried not to go into too much detail with him about it.

Death is such a strange thing.  It is a subject I'm very uncomfortable with and is the root of all my anxieties. I'm not yet over my dad's death 11 years later so I don't really know how to place what I feel about it happening to others.  There have been a few tears on my part.  He was such a lovely man and even though not the kids biological grandad, always treated them like they were. He will be hugely missed by us all.

I know death is as natural a process as life is but I'm not sure il ever get my head around it.  I'm hoping therapy will help me to be able to deal with these things better.

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