Saturday, 31 August 2019


We've had a few challenging weeks with Oscar and his behaviour throughout the summer holidays. It's driven me to the absolute limit on occasion. I think hes bored.. He's at the age now (almost 10) where he wants a bit more freedom. I know at his age I was out with friends in my village and allowed to go to the shop on my own round the corner.
I'm struggling to figure out whether he is old enough yet. The world has changed since I was little and I'm worried sick about something happening. Am I being too strict? These decisions are the worst part of parenting. The not knowing if you are doing the right thing or if you're being over protective and stopping him from experiencing life as he's growing up.  All I know is that the world is a scary place and I want to keep him safe from it, but am I letting my fears and my problems get in the way of what is probably a very normal progression? Any help or opinions would be much appreciated.

It has felt like a very long 6 weeks. I've struggled a lot with back pain a lot but we have gotten out when we could.  We've visited new indoor play areas which cater for kids up to 12 which is amazing and all 4 kids love it. We've been there a few times over the weeks.  We have been to the cinema and we went to Whipsnade Zoo last week to celebrate Kaspers 4th birthday.
The kids also had a day out at another zoo with Nanny and had movie night and a sleepover after.
Unfortunately we've not managed to get away for a holiday this year but hoping that next year we will.
I always feel guilty on the days where I've not been able to be out and about but this has been our lives since Oscar was a baby. I try so hard in other ways to make it up to them because mum guilt takes over and I feel like a bit of a failure.

Now that Kaspers birthday has been and gone it's the time of year I start planning Christmas. With 4 children (2 with their birthdays in the Christmas break too) I have to budget and plan ahead.  It's stressful because I like to make each year special for them all but I do secretly enjoy doing it. Nothing is better than their little faces on Christmas morning.

3 more days of the summer holidays left... I love my children dearly but the start of school can't come soon enough. I think I need a holiday to recover from these past 6 weeks.

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