Friday, 6 September 2019


Yesterday was a day we've been waiting for, for probably 3 years.  After having Kasper we decided that we didn't want any more children.  After doing some research it was decided that it would be better if Dale had a vasectomy. It's a much easier and less invasive surgery than it would have been if I'd decided get sterilised, which could have caused more complications for me.
Whilst we were busy with a young baby and 2 older children, life got in the way before we could get the procedure booked and we ended up with Marley.  A perfect case of serendipity.  However with now having 4 children and a very complicated pregnancy with Marley it was decided it was an absolute priority as I couldnt go through another high risk pregnancy.  (Plus.... 5 kids?!?!)

Yesterday was finally the day of the procedure and I went along with him for some moral support.   The procedure itself was pretty quick. Unfortunately it was more painful than it should have been for him as one of his tubes were hiding but once found it was pretty plain sailing and he was straight back up on his feet.
He is a little uncomfortable today but that is normal.

It's actually a little sad to think that, this part of my life is now over. Il never carry or birth another baby.  Those first little newborn moments and that baby smell is something I won't experience myself again.
The journey to motherhood is truely a magical experience and although my pregnancies have all been hard, I will miss having a baby in the house.  At the same time I now get to concentrate on watching the others grow and hit new milestones and making new memories along the way.

I feel so very lucky to have 4 beautiful healthy children.  Our family is now officially complete ❤️

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