Thursday, 28 November 2019


So the cat is out of the bag! We are pregnant!!
As you can imagine with Dale having a vasectomy earlier in the year, it has come as quite a shock to us! After he had the procedure we were told that it would take about 3 months to get the all clear, and an accident happened before he was tested again 🙈🙈🙈 I think we were a little naieve to think that all would be fine.

Il be honest,  there were tears shed when we found out.  The idea of being pregnant all over again after how bad it was with Marley was pretty scary.  My body has always disliked being pregnant and I had quite a lot of problems and was in and out of hospital.
We went back and forth about whether continuing with the pregnancy would be the right thing to do when we weighed everything up.  5 children would be hard work and there would be a 10 year age gap between our eldest and the baby.  I'm also at 34 considered an older mum which is something I never wanted to be.

After lengthy discussions it was decided that we couldn't imagine every terminating the pregnancy.  I've never felt that it would ever be an option for me, although I am fully pro choice when it comes to abortion.

Yesterday we went for a scan to check that all was going well with the baby and we got to see it on screen with its little heart flickering away.  I was totally in love!! It's a little miracle and we are very lucky to have been given the chance to have one last little bundle to love.  It is going to be a hard pregnancy, we both know that but the gift we get at the end is priceless.

5 children though!!! We must be totally crazy 😂😂😂

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