Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Lockdown and Home Schooling

To say that the current situation is scary would be an understatement.  Im struggling to keep level headed about the whole thing, mainly because the main source of my anxiety centres around death and my loved ones dying.  Im happy that the kids are at home so that i know that im doing everything i can to keep them as safe as possible but Dale has had to venture out a few times now to get the necessities and prescriptions so of course my mind has been racing about that.

Home schooling has actually gone remarkably well so far and im amazed at just how resiliant the kids have been and they have really settled in well to their new learning environment and i cant praise the school enough for keeping them all busy by setting tasks online for them to complete and all 3 of their teachers have been in touch to check on their progress and to offer support if we need it.
One person who is struggling though is little Marley who cant quite understand why he doesnt have the same level of attention during the day time and why hes not able to go to places and visit his favourite place (the park). I feel like a horrible parent having to tell him that he cant go on the slide but unfortunately its about keeping him safe so it cant be helped.

We have given the two eldest a notebook so that they can record their daily tasks and what they have done, that way they will have it to look back on in years to come and remember those months where they were at home with us during something that will be documented in history. It will quite possibly be the biggest thing to happen in their lifetime like it is ours.

what has been lovely to see is how communities have all come together to help each other and be there for the most vulnerable. its truely remarkable to see the human race be so kind and thoughtful to one another.  Im so happy that key workers are finally getting the recognition they have deserved for such a long time and even more so now as they are risking their own lives to keep us safe and saves lives.  It has finally proved that is doesnt matter how rich monitary wise you are or what position within a company you are, when it comes down to it it means very little.   Material possessions mean nothing because they arnt going to save your life, its the Drs and nurses on very little pay that do that and i hope that after all this has passed that noone starts to forget that.

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